Fundraising Committee

Determine parameters for sponsors based on their donation to include exposure in event booklet, website, radio and press releases. Make contacts via mail and/or in person with personal network of associates, friends and business acquaintances to obtain sponsorships for Making Spirits Bright.

Committee Members:

  • Gerry Plehn, Chair


Gerry Plehn, Chair        920-234-2292


Finance Committee

Finance committee coordinates and reports on all financial transactions for the organization. This includes collections, disbursements, and budgets to be in compliance with non-profit organizations.

Committee Members:

  • J. Dennis Frey, Treasurer


J. Dennis Frey, Chair

Quarryview Center

Quarryview Center Committee

Responsible for the planning and implementation of decorating the Quarryview Center, concessions, entertainment, and Santa visits for children during the event. This group also plans the VIP party for the annual sponsors and hosts the event.

Committee Members:

  • Ann Rogers, Co-Chair
  • Jan Voigt, Co-Chair
  • Laura Gumm
  • Kris Krentz
  • Charlette Nennig
  • Amanda Rammer
  • Jackie Stone


Ann Rogers, Co-Chair
Jan Voigt, Co-Chair


Volunteers Committee

Engage volunteers from businesses, organizations and churches to assist during the event in the park and at the quarryview center and create master schedule. Recruit area restaurants to provide food for volunteers on a nightly basis as well as for set up and take down. Host the volunteers in the headquarters trailer from set up to take down. A summer clean up of the headquarters trailer may be required.

Committee Members:

  • Terri Hackbarth, Co-Chair
  • Kristin Blanchard-Stearns, Co-Chair
  • Mary Grasse
  • Carol Grover
  • Jane Seipel
  • Ellen Senkbeil


Terri Hackbarth, Co-Chair
Kristin Blanchard-Stearns, Co-Chair

Food Collection

Food Collection Committee

Work in cooperation with the Sheboygan County Food Bank to provide means of collection of pantry items during event as well as securing a truck for transport and a collection spot for sorting and counting of said items. Explore ways to partner with other entities for pantry collection during the event.

Committee Members:

  • Liz Kroll, Co-Chair
  • Jodie Zajkowski, Co-Chair
  • Lauren Matzdorf
  • Steve Straus
  • Eric Zufelt


Liz Kroll, Co-Chair        920-946-9880
Jodie Zajkowski, Co-Chair        920-453-0169


Operations Committee

Maintains volunteer headquarters, works with police and Park and Forestry Dept of the city for traffic control in the park and on Highway 42. Will be required to assist with transporting of displays to and from storage, renting Metros, working with the Design/Set-Up committee for electrical upgrades and maintenance and working with City of Sheboygan and private entities in regard to snow removal and salting should it be necessary. During inclement weather, team is responsible for shoveling at quarry and in collection areas in the park as well as around the headquarters trailer. This committee would also monitor placement of signage along Hwy 42 for lane usage and radio station information a well as securing barricades from the City for control of traffic in the park.

Committee Members:

  • Greg Neal, Co-Chair
  • Phil Stoelb, Co-Chair
  • Brent Neevel
  • Jerry Plehn


Greg Neal, Co-Chair
Phil Stoelb, Co-Chair


Marketing & PR Committee

Responsible for creation of annual event booklet and soliciting ad sponsors. Other areas of commitment would include rental of billboards, Press media, radio public addresses, parade participation, and banner placement. New avenues of exposure to be explored include partnering with area motels/hotels for package deals and looking for other small events to be held in conjunction with the light show such as a 5K Walk/Run.

Committee Members:

  • Gerry Plehn, Chair
  • Lauren Archambeau
  • Al Jante
  • Sue Kieffer
  • Kayla Mueller
  • Deb Severns
  • Donna Wendlandt


Gerry Plehn, Chair        920-234-2292


Design & Setup Committee

Creates and maintains all light displays and accompanying electrical and radio equipment and implements construction and set-up before the event and removal after the event. Specific needs include the creative person as well as the “worker bee” to assist with assembly.

Committee Members:

  • Greg Liebig, Co-Chair
  • Eric Sandvig, Co-Chair
  • Larry Boeldt
  • Andrew Bubb
  • J. Dennis Frey
  • John Muehlbauer
  • Paul Neils
  • Jerry Plehn
  • Jeff Rakow


Greg Liebig, Co-Chair        920-451-4646
Eric Sandvig, Co-Chair        920-946-1950

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