💫 Rotary Making Spirits Bright open the Friday after Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve💫
Admission is free, but pantry items are appreciated to support local food pantries through Sheboygan County Food Bank.



As Making Spirits Bright grows with new displays, the need for volunteers to assist with setting up during October and November and dismantling during a few short weeks in January has become imperative.
All skill levels are welcome!

If you belong to a nonprofit organization, a stipend will be awarded in
appreciation for your assistance. Other groups may pay it forward to a designated charity.
While you are enjoying the lights show during your drive, there are many people ensuring your visit is enjoyable.

A park captain serves as the person in charge each night. He or she arrives about 4:00 PM to prepare the volunteer trailer as the welcoming
place for that night’s volunteers. As the 8-12 volunteers from businesses and organizations arrive about 4:30  PM, they head to the trailer to
put on reflective vests, get flashlights as needed, and grab a beverage.
The excitement begins at 5:00 PM when the lights go on and the music streams over the dedicated radio setting.

At 9:00 PM when the show ends, the
Sheboygan County Food Bank's truck is driven to the warehouse for sorting and storage of the pantry item donations. The volunteers head
home and the park captain secures the area.


The inspiration for the newest display, the Mega Star, came from the movie “Christmas Chronicles 2.” Greg Liebig, long-time chair of the production committee, designed it using the innovative software Fusion 360. An
in-house CNC router and plasma machine created the tool paths and cut all major components. The structural components are made from steel and the spires are aluminum. Fabrication and assembly for the structure and trailer were done by Tom Shircel and Mark Hayon, also members of the production committee. The lights were
installed by production crew volunteers and the testing and final wiring was handled by Rich Neerhof. While the Mega Star was going to have more spires, due to supply
shortages, the necessary controllers were unavailable. This 3-D Mega Star is over 20 feet tall, 18 feet wide, and weighs about 450 pounds. It’s lit with about 2,800 RGB fully programmable lights and is an awesome
addition to the show.

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