💫 Rotary Making Spirits Bright open the Friday after Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve💫
Admission is free, but pantry items are appreciated to support local food pantries through Sheboygan County Food Bank.



Making Spirits Bright was initiated in 2012 by the Sheboygan County Rotary Clubs to provide a quality, exciting, family event and to collect much needed pantry items. To accomplish that goal, Making Spirits Bright partners annually with the Sheboygan County Food Bank (Food Bank). The pantry donations received at Making Spirits Bright are presented to
the Food Bank, thus assisting them with fulfilling their two-fold mission:

To feed the hungry through supporting and improving the food distribution system in Sheboygan County.
To guide individuals seeking assistance to appropriate resources to meet their other basic needs.

Donations from Making Spirits Bright are delivered nightly to the warehouse for storage and later distributed to the ten individual food pantries that comprise the Food Bank as well as 29 other partners throughout Sheboygan County. Each pantry then distributes these goods locally to those who truly need them. Over 3,500 households are served by the Food Bank and its partners each year. In addition to the dedicated pantry partners, a variety of smaller non-profit service organizations also benefit from donations such as Bridgeway & Beyond, Safe Harbor of Sheboygan, and Nourish Farms.

In 2016, the Food Bank consolidated its operations and storage efforts into one facility on N. 21st Street in Sheboygan. The new warehouse space provides much needed storage in a centralized location, facilitating collection and distribution efforts. The addition of a donated commercial freezer has allowed acceptance of perishable items, a great benefit to pantry recipients. Another notable innovation in the past year is the implementation of an ordering and delivery system for local pantries, resulting in valuable time and manpower savings for each organization.

Thanks to a $25,000 grant from Making Spirits Bright, the Food Bank has been able to purchase needed items, such as paper and hygiene products, baby products, particularly diapers, as well as items for special dietary needs. More focus is directed at providing healthy food choices for their clients.

The Food Bank is always looking for volunteers. Areas of need include truck drivers for pick up and delivery of donated items as well as warehouse sorters as donations are received. Please contact shebctyfoodbank@att.net if you can provide this type of assistance. For more information, go to:

 Sheboygan County Food Bank
This year, we will be featuring photos of Making Spirits Bright from local photographers. If you have a photo that you would like featured on our site, please contact:


Members of the four Sheboygan county Rotary clubs came together to strategize and develop a family-friendly event that could also support those in our community who need assistance. The drive-through holiday show featured 53,000 lights and had 45,000 visitors.

Electrical upgrades in the park were already needed as well as improvements to the radio reception. The custom, hand-painted nativity 
was begun. Light count almost doubled to 100,000. A 53-foot trailer became a welcome place for volunteers to warm up and enjoy refreshments. The organization became a 501(c)3.

A nine member board of directors was elected. The mega tree was introduced. Trolley rides, originating at Quarryview Center, began and quickly became very popular.

Record attendance and a warmer winter without sufficient frost meant our organization paid for road repairs in Evergreen Park. We also gave $16,000 to three local not-for-profits.

Three highly acclaimed displays were added: the light curtain consisting of 160 strings of LED lights, Northern
Lights, and Glistening Grove. Since construction and repair of displays is done year-round we found much needed warehouse space.

At the request of many, an event to walk or run instead of driving through the park was begun, the Holiday Lights Hunger Run/Walk. The Whoville display made its debut and the overall light count had expanded to 325,000.

A major reconstruction was done to the racing arches, icicle tunnel, and overhead stars. These continue to be
perennial favorites. Trolley rides on Sunday nights were added.

A change in the food pantry collection area assisted in optimal traffic flow. The generous financial donations resulted in the ability to purchase a refrigerated truck for the Sheboygan County Food Bank.

Like everything else, COVID had an impact on the event, but didn’t force the entire cancellation. Since Quarryview Center wasn’t open, Santa read stories on Facebook. The overall light count grew to an impressive
490,000 which is nearing ten times the original.

With 737,000 pounds of pantry item donations and approximately 487,000 total visitors already credited to the
event, we look forward to seeing what the results of this year will add.

The June 2022 storm that ripped through our area had straight line winds measuring near 100 mph
resulting in a hard-hit north side of Sheboygan with downed trees and other damage. With the assistance
of Lake Park Electric, and our dedicated production volunteers, we have been able to retain the integrity
of the event.

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